With a group of students from Fontys Academy for Creative Industries, I am organizing a debate about the future of our Dutch educational system. We are organizing it via the festival NU&STRAKS. The debate will take place on January 8, 2015 at De Nieuwste School, Tilburg. For more information, check out the website of NU&STRAKS and let us know you will be there too at the Facebook event!

Click here for the original press-report (written in Dutch).


At February 2015 the last semester of my bachelor study kicks in. I am supposed to do an internship for approximately half a year. I have to conduct a research for an organization that operates in the field of the creative industries. I especially prefer a company that involves culture, music or art. Besides that I have a big interest in charities and environmental issues.

The topic of the research isn’t set yet. This can be determined later on. So this can be an existing problem or issue, but it can also be something new that has yet to be discovered. If it wasn’t clear yet, I am a bachelor student of Communication – International Event, Music and Entertainment Studies in Tilburg, but I live in Utrecht.

So if you know someone, something or whatever that can help me getting an internship for February 2015, I’d be very glad. The one with the golden tip will be rewarded and will receive a home cooked meal and a night of free drinks. Oh yes, all charges on me.


Let’s try to use these tips for Nordic Delight and In Vervoering!

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Schermafbeelding 2014-04-03 om 19.55.08 Unaware of your event -> aware and informed -> create interest -> create desire -> intention to purchase ticket -> attending. This the wishful path we all dream of went it comes to selling our events.

How can you successfully lead people into this path and consequently sell out your event? Going from zero attendances to having people discuss our events without us even knowing.

Looking at many marketeers and event planners online, best practices and adding to that our own experience, we have 9 tips for you that sell out your event.

1)         Know Your Audience
Where do they socialise? Which networking sites do they use online? What do they read? For example; for a B2B event, it might be more effective to promote your event on LinkedIn, Google+ and in trade journals. Also, you could ask journalists or bloggers from industry magazines/blogs to attend and write about your event. Or have your main speaker…

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Nordic Delight – Norwegian Night

This Friday at EKKO in Utrecht: Nordic Delight – Norwegian Night. My first Nordic Delight event since I am involved as marketing specialist. I am really looking forward to it! Three awesome bands, a photo exhibition and short films. There are still some tickets available…

More info at the Nordic Delight website or at the Facebook event.

Nordic Delight - Norwegian Night